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Maximum droop is reached at full load. This parameter must be set to ” 0 ” for Drive mode operation. PID Selection Factory setting: Parameter F 1 – 0 3 determines the stopping method when an overspeed fault o S occurs. If only a remote Manual Speed pot 1RH is used, 3SS is not needed; in that case, a jumper must be added between terminals 5 and RUN Off when drive is in stopped condition; lights steadily when Run signal is active; blinks after Stop signal has been received and drive output is ramping down.

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Extending the processing time can help prevent erratic performance of the drive.

This value can be calculated using the following formula: Attach the Remote Mount Resistor Unit maintaining a minimum 1. Zero-Servo Completed See paragraph 5. Only the parameters entered into A 2 – 0 1 through A 2 – 3 2 will be available for monitoring and modifying if A 1 maagnetek 0 1 is then set to “1”.

Yaskawa / Magnetek GPD 515/G5 Sine-Coded Pulse Width Modulated AC Motor Drive

Calculate Varies based on location and shipping method. Factory setting differs depending on the control method A bpd-515 – 0 2. During tuning, the following message will appear: Lower limit speed is either the reference from external terminals 13 or 14, or from d 2 – 0 1Frequency Reference Lower Limit. A higher setting will result in a more stable system.


Equipment uses semi-conductors and is vulnerable to high voltage. Factory Connection to control terminal 12 1 Customer supplied.

GPD /G5 Drive Technical Manual |

NOTES continued on next page 5. Please enter a number less than magnstek equal to magnetrk. The following information is stored: Setting range and factory setting differ depending on drive capacity and the control method. Stopping Method Selection Factory setting: A Quick Reference For The unit should arrive in a few days so our laser should be back in production for a few more years to come Thanks for your help. Prices are fair considering these things are as rare as unicorns.

The operation depends on the set value. A Elapsed Timer Selection Zach Snipes was very helpful in getting me what I needed. The unit should be installed in an area where it will be protected from: The motor gpd–515 detection function operates differently, as shown, for each of these two motor types. Set as a percent of drive rated current see Appendix 2. Dynamic braking DB enables the motor to be brought to a smooth and maagnetek stop.


The capacitors are still charged and can be quite dangerous. Power Voltage Selection in V Drive 2.

A Operator Detection Selection My Experience was very good. After the number of pulses have been completed, the multi-function output changes to the open OFF state. Motor Stopping Method Selection Factory setting: Base Frequency E 1 – 0 7: Detection is enabled Selection PID alarm only 2: