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This model does not have internal memory only CompactFlash I cards , but a 4MB card is supplied with the camera. Kodak DC Digital Camera. I’m not sure if it was just because the mechanism was new and stiff or not but the card didn’t pop out far enough for someone with big fingers or long nails to grab it. The LCD viewfinder defaults to “off” to conserve battery power, but may be turned on at any time by pressing the “Do-It” button. I foresee quite a few of these little gold beauties stuffing stockings this year. Note that the LCD viewfinder must be enabled to use this function.

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Here you can see the lens fully extended which happens automatically whenever the camera is powered up in capture mode. Thus, you’ll need either to have a TV set with direct video inputs on it, or to run the signal through a VCR or camcorder with video-in jacks first.

When enabled, each picture taken will appear briefly on the LCD display, with a trash can icon above the left kldak key, even if the LCD viewfinder display is turned off. Since the individual menu displays show both the initial icon and the options, we’ll include small versions of each menu screen here, so you can better see the available options for each.

For a full commentary on each of the test images, see the DC’s “pictures” page.

This article may rely excessively on sources too closely associated with the subjectpotentially preventing the article from being verifiable and neutral. Megapixel resolution and 2X optical zoom provide amazing detail and vibrant color. You can now spend more time shooting and less money on batteries.


Digital Cameras – Kodak DC Digital Camera Review

While rather slow as are all serial-interfaced camerasthe “mounter” interface is very intuitive and convenient. Since then I have seen “cheaper” digital cameras since just to have a back-up and they don’t compare to how solid this one is built.

Great Digital Camera for the long haul and Easy to use! Kodak DC Digital Camera.

Kodak DC – Wikipedia

When either the exposure compensation or exposure lock feature is used, icons will appear in the LCD window when previewing pictures.

The DC’s resolution tested out at about lines per picture height in both the horizontal and vertical directions, about typical for 1. A “mode” switch is at the bottom, selecting major camera operating modes. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. I’m not sure if it was just because the mechanism was new and stiff or not but the kodam didn’t pop out far enough for someone with big fingers or long nails to grab it.

See kodka software description below. It should nonetheless be acceptable for typical photography of small household items.

Retrieved from ” https: Overall though I think the average user is going to be kodaj happy with the pictures that the DC Zoom produces. Preferences Setup Mode As we mentioned earlier, most of the details of the DC’s operation are controlled from the Setup menu.

We judge it to be a good value for first time buyers or anyone who needs an easy to use dc125 and doesn’t require prints larger than 5×7″. Explore the images on the pictures page, to see how well the DC performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you may be considering buying.


Accidental formatting is difficult a good thing with a default option of “Cancel Format.

The menu system is navigated intuitively by using up and down, right and left arrow buttons adjacent kodxk the LCD, and the aptly named “Do-It” button to confirm selections.

The self-timer function can be used in conjunction with Macro mode see belowhelping insure sharp macro shots when the camera is used with a tripod.

Kodak DC215

This focal length range is shifted toward the wide-angle end, a characteristic that made the ‘s predecessor the DC very popular with realtors. When the number reaches zero, the camera beeps and the green LED next to the optical viewfinder flashes.

Additional cards of varying capacity can be purchased. Images are stored on a CompactFlash memory card.

If you do need to make 8×10″ prints then check out the two megapixel DC or the DC model instead. Improved power management extends battery life over its predecessor, the DC Plus. Excellent as your first digital camera – buy this one and learn about digital photography and computer editing and still use it for many work koak business purpos es.

Kodak is offering the DC Zoom in two different styles and packages.