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They must also be doing something strange for that to be the case, as, like Ardax said, Windows has no problem with multi-button mice. So I switch back to the Expert Pro and Volia! I have tried it the way and actually saw another website that even had it so you could see how it was in pics. The native drivers will let the thing work but you cannot tune it in any way with the mouse works software which is the critical component. This gives me full functionality for the software. Apr 18, Posts:

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Kensington Trackballs – Windows 7

DerekCFeb 27, Mousfworks had the slimblade drivers loaded so I figured I would unload them and see what happens. So if you have an Expert Mouse trackball which is the highest productivity pointing device ever invented you can say Welcome Back to your programmable buttons. And found your answer.

It can make it hard to keep track of some times. Saturday, October 9, 3: I don’t think anyone stated they were able mouseworkw get it to work with X-Mouse. So, right now, my little front button thinks it is number 3, not number 4 and vice versa. Friday, June 19, 8: I was really down when I found out that Kensington would no longer support it in Windows 7.


Mon Nov 09, 1: By doing some Google research, I have found a number of instances where some people using Win 7 64 bit have been successful in getting the same Trackball as mine to configure and operate successfully. I’m not krnsington whether its an issue with trackball talking to USB dongle or inappropriate drivers causing this? The second camp being people using workstations connected to machinery, like you’d find in a semiconductor fab or an auto-plant, where having a free-ranging cursor is nice, but there isn’t room for muoseworks free-ranging mouse, and a trackball solvers this problem perfectly.

Solved: Kensington trackball in Vista 64 bit

Kensington took the time to produce their newest “TrackballWorks” software to make their trackballs compatible with Windows 7. The Button is located above your first post on the left side.

The time now is Page 1 of 2. Originally Posted by tkw Maybe you should be using Kensington Trackballworks instead of Mouseworks? My Vista system is Vista Home Premium SP2, 32 bit and I must have been fortunate in finding a combination of Vista levels and Mouseworks driver that still supports my Trackball perfectly under Vista even though many others have not been able to get their older Trackballs to operate under Vista. I have tried it the way and actually saw another website that even had it so you could see how it was in pics.

As I pointed out in a previous thread, Trackballworks will not support this device either. I tried several different USB2 ports, no luck.


Feb 6, Posts: The mouseworks installation is in a self extracting archive, I even tried extracting the setup files and setting that to compatibility mode with no success. I just downloaded and installed TrackballWorks on Windows 7 bit. Thanks for your help Mike.

Solved: Kensington trackball in Vista 64 bit | Tech Support Guy

I don’t know why everyone is getting so worked up about kensington not making drivers for OS’s beyond XP. In the future, I’d suggest that it is unwise to expect weirdo hardware moudeworks be supported by any newer OS than whatever it supports right out of the box.

Aug 4, Posts: I am hoping that you have had some luck. It lacks in every way the features that made the Expert Mouse such a fantastic trackball. All I can say is thank God for Amazon as I will get refunded for the thing and the postage paid. This cleared up that problem. The IT guy won’t try any more work arounds so I’m intent on getting my home PC working with Mouseworks to show him how.