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Sony’s portable projector tech displays perfect images on curved surfaces. This blend of hardware and software compatibility make it more attractive than NVIDIA’s offering which only runs on NVIDIA graphics cards, despite the fact that this isn’t exactly necessary from a technological stand point. Let’s start with the standard 1. We have been forging new ground for stereoscopic 3D displays and drivers for the wide variety of gamers, movie buffs and graphic artists that appreciate the 3D experience. Hello, I’m new here and this is my first post. Their drivers can enable stereo viewing on any PC through anaglyph the red and blue tinted images we are all familiar with in addition to working with various other technologies like stereo projectors. Log in or Sign up.

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I disagree about it looking bad.

iZ3D debuts polarized 3D glasses, announces DirectX 10 driver

I have some green and magenta 3D glasses laying around so i tried them with IZ3D. Online retailers include www. On the other hand iZ3D makes use of a whole other technology to build its monitors in a way to display stereo images.

The brightness is better as well, and when there can be less color distortion there is less color distortion.

Stereo 3D on ATI non Iz3D | guru3D Forums

These systems may let you activate the shuttering mode with the touch of a button, or a third wtereo software activator may do the same through a USB connector.

NVIDIA has made this very compact, but it is still tough to fit over regular glasses for those who need this. Looking forward to this talk!


For one th of a second, the right lens is clear and the left is black, and for the next th of a second, the right lens is black and the left is clear. AffordStudio Co-Founder Avery Rueb talked about the status of technology in the classroom and new innovations that will…. Civilization V, Tom Clancy’s H. Some info about ATI 3D support. I would like to ask a few question. NVIDIA has spent a good deal of time profiling applications and has built in settings iz3v convergence and separation in games and has done a great job of making the experience pretty well plug and play.

Added driver activation button. To me it still works but it just works with the colors a tad darker then normal. The glasses are currently in beta testing for release with the upcoming iZ3D Version sterso.

Full releases for both the spectacles and the new driver are just past the break.

Stereoscopic 3D Monitor From iZ3D: Passive Glasses and Polarized Screens

The wizard takes you through ten steps of looking and adjusting various aspects strreo the image, and for a novice to step in and pick this up without getting frustrated is asking way too much.

Final Words We really wanted to love this solution.

The TV controls your active shutter glasses, flashing them at hz. The TV flashes each frame two times. The bottom line, however, is that NVIDIA’s approach draws exactly what should be shown to the left eye on one frame and then exactly what should be shown to the right eye on the next.


The result is bleed over between the images our eyes are supposed to see resulting in some difficult-to-deal-with ghosting. What might work better excepting the reflectivity of courseis for iZ3D to come out with a Hz version that switches between 45 degrees and degrees polarization every frame and displays the left and right images in alternating frames.

You will expect 60hz double wide input with hz output frame 1: And you will need to make sure the monitor isn’t active polarizing the image, because it will make the image darker. So while general compatibility is a win for iZ3D, there is quite a downside.

The Right eye frames are 45 degree polarized 90 degrees apart. Polarized light all moves in waves rolling in the same orientation.

The last issue we’d like to mention is the fact that the monitor is hugely reflective. Another time with the right sttereo pixels blacked out. Rollo2Mar 8, Iz3ddMar 4, Hence, the iz3D glasses are useless to you if you are using a rz, because it’s a different system all-together.

With sereo, the images are not different frame to frame if the camera is static, while NVIDIA’s solution will swap back and forth between perspectives constantly.