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Thanks, I overlooked the text on that paragraph. I see the software has a dedicated place for two of the Native INstrument controllers, and there is mention of LED lighting there, but I am setting up the generic file, and am not seeing any information. Why are there 3 audio modes for Hercules DJ Console: I also have the midi port in bios disabled. Do I need to connect speakers to my Hercules DJ devices?

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I have it working correctly with v1.

Traktor 3 – Configuration MAC. Warning It is possible your DJ controller may not be recognized and used properly on recent computers featuring USB 3. Loop Size —Previous 2: We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt out if you wish. Moves up and down in the library track list When held down changes the jog wheels behaviour to scroll the library mid.

Hercules – Support website

If you want to dig deeper, www. Toggles scratch on and off which changes the function of the deck jog wheels Herculees Shift when held down: We’ll have to look into that. Where can I find more information on DJ mixing? Your onboard soundcard is different device altogether, so no need to enable it.


Thanks for all the help, im just wondering if i can make it so that the buttons do certain things like 1 plays cue number 1, 2 plays cue number 2, and maybe put some effects on certain buttons, or you might say how to customize it.

Still the RMX does not respond.

I then click close. How can I use Virtual DJ with my laptop? I then have to use the mouse and nudge the deck rmd the music to come back For instance, I can map the eq.

Discussion in ‘ DJ Controllers ‘ started by midas23Nov 8, User Tools Register Log In. How can I use my computer integrated speakers and the headphone output of my console?

Technical support website

You may also want to refer to the tmx Knowledge base article for more details: Contact us for this product. DJ PhatsoNov 9, If this seems to be the case, try either or both of the following solutions: Contact us for this product. You should 1 copy the audio tracks from the USB key to your computer hard drive first, 2 then remove th I’m guessing you have Administrator rights on this computer?


The pulse meter is working but the sound waves doesn’t move and no sound is coming trough! What are Hercules DJ Console?

Mapping Hercules RMX to Traktor Pro 2 | NI Community Forum

However, please note that only the buttons that lit up when connecting the mid to the computer have LEDs. Translations of this page: Adjusts the volume of a channels low frequency content ex. Fades monitor output headphones between cue selected tracks output and the main mix. I have added the device in preferences audio settings and controller managerbut despite numerous attempts to modify the older map, it fails to respond.

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