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How many labels a day do you intend to print? Godex International is an engineering company that specializes in designing and manufacturing barcode printing products that lead the industry in the value price, high-performance category. With Qlabel and a dedicated Godex thermal printer you can create a barcode for most any application. Getting the best products for the best prices has never been simpler than when you work with Godex International, a well-known name in the industry of barcode label and thermal printing solutions. Laser printers rely on a toner to be transferred to the paper to create an image and like ink jets this process does not produce bars that have the sharp edges that quality barcode symbologies require.

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There are three basic kinds of thermal transfer ribbons printet you need to be aware of: To figure out what barcode design and application software you need, it is best to take the time to document your requirements and process first, and then contact an industry professional for ideas and proposals. Thermal printer applications are found all over the business world.

How orinter does the label need to last after it is printed and what will be the environment of the label when it is applied?

No complex barcode programming is required. The most well known and common application is the UPS and FedEx label shipping label printing applications. There is no thermal transfer ribbon ink involved; direct thermal printing is completed by simply applying heat to the paper. This results in lots of label peeling off inside of the machine causing jams and maintenance issues. godxe


GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers

Godex offers a variety high quality barcode printers for all of your barcoding needs, but our industry-leading wristband printer is easily one of the best values we sell. There are many different kinds of barcode printers that will enable you to print barcodes.

Goddex film master can also be created of the barcode image and then that image can be printed using traditional off set or lithographic printing presses. If you are unsure about choosing direct thermal or thermal transfer printing, your safe bet is to choose thermal transfer.

The actual first invention of the barcode was done by the Irish pdinter likely based on the Irish alphabet from the first centuries AD, which looks like a form of bar code itself. What is a thermal transfer printer?

Godex G label printer with dpi

These companies are proven to be capable of operating, installing, and supporting the Godex brand of barcode label printr in the end user environment before they become authorized as a Godex value-add reseller. The GS1 system of standards is the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world. GoDEX is an international full-line manufacturer of high-performance, competitively priced barcode printers.

Engineered for ease-of-use, the RT Series of printers offer a broad range of connectivity options, making them ideal for countless low to mid-volume label, receipt or wristband printing applications. So click to view the full EZ printerr ranges. There are lasers and imagers that read these codes, and each has its own benefits. There are a few hundred different symbologies, however only twenty or so are commonly used.

Our headquarters is in Taipei, Taiwan and we provide world-wide distribution through our network of certified Godex Reseller Partners. What kind of materials can a barcode be printed on? Goded direct thermal printing, the print head simply causes the chemically treated paper to react, imprinting the image inside of the label media.


GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers – Datamark UK

Godex divisional offices are located in China, Europe, and the United States. Many on-line companies provide barcode font sets, such as www. Also thermal printers are the best at creating barcodes with the absolute sharpest edges which means a higher quality barcode symbology and better godfx accuracy.

With ink jet printers it is very difficult to print on one label at a time.

Instead of using a keyboard to type and input data into a system, barcodes and scanners can be used to do the same thing, at much faster speeds with exceptionally low error rates. By taking the time to understand the different kinds of ribbons that you have to choose from and what each one has to offer, you should have no trouble choosing the perfect thermal transfer printer ribbon for your needs.

These are used in small business applications and in home offices. At that time, a similar technology call RFID radio frequency identification became available but was considered far too expensive, so it was not used. On the other hand, Godex International offers a great selection of value-priced barcode printers for most all common barcode printing applications. Ink jets are OK for printing pages of the same barcode, but are not the best choice.

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