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Although these are formats used in the day of the GBAMP V2 it is fun to see that the G6 team have tried to keep up support for their older products features. The G6DS Real does not damage or get damaged because of this. When it came to the packaging the G6 team outperformed nearly all competition in the GBA adapter day. PdaDS is not available. Both units have unique features and both are generally the same. High amount of hotkeys. Now that isn’t as nice as autopatching but it is better then no FAT support at all.

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Reap out of Mario Kart DS didn’t work before, but with the new 2. For the options, you can boot to slot 2, change skins, and also choose to boot the G6DS Real menu at launch or just the DS menu.

The G6 team have yet to release their DS slot version of the pda software. As regards ROM playing – absolutely great performance — I tested loads of games and it worked without a glitch. I readre personally very fond of this feature and I really feel it is a very good addition to the card. Product future What this products future looks like.

DS Fire Link | F-Card NDS

Then swipe left to go back, swipe rreal to access recent apps, or tap once to go home. Once you’ve downloaded them and have put them on your card together with some games both units are ready to go. Where i can find skins? In conclusion, I would say, the G6DS Real is a very good product, and definitely worth looking at and perhaps even buying it.


Unfortunately, the G6DS Real does have its downsides. Now however they seem to have tried to cut the costs of shipping their products, or for other reasoning beyond me, and have ditched the tin can they shipped their GBA slots in and replaced it with a rezder cardboard box.

The cart itself is not up to standards because it is thicker g6sd the original carts. This video shows the G6DS Real turning on, using the cheat function and booting a game. It isn’t very straitforward but after working with it a bit readeer quickly get the hang of it. Cheats in general can have some crazy negative effects some times regardless the console or the cheat device, especially the advanced ones. Click to download this file Category: As always I won’t say that one product is better then the other.

Then insert the G6DS Real into console. The cheat system itself is very good. I’ll try not to cover things Moonshell also has, but try to focus on the features presented only in the SuperCard DS one version. You can advance through the game as long as you want and save any times you want.

The price of course is different from one online shop to another.

And remember that the G6DS Real carts have just shipped out, most have probably not even received their carts yet. When carries on the skin subject replacement may the choice and becomes effective immediately in the G6DS Real system establishment, does not need reto start the system, cad user may simultaneously install the multi- wraps skin subject plan after the computer to cut at will on the NDS main engine, moreover did not must forget, the TouchPod system all functions contact surface all was the support touches the screen operation.


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Genuine dynamic chart sign contact surface and entire system function conformity May become effective immediately perfectly trades the skin function not to need to open again The movie, the music, the electricity??

Today received a called Fcard flash card, which is a built-cassette storage space, and an external memory card like r4 cassette compared to ease a lot stronger, players do not consider tf card compatibility question, it is easy to get started.

G6ds real card driver

It recognizes only the G6DS Real. Of course not, just like all other slot-1 flashcarts.

One is the game-config screen the one described in the previous paragraph and the second is the Cheat tab. This unit also has a chip sticking out raeder the middle of the sticker but here too there is not much difference in thickness with a normal DS card. Features outside of that are still up in the air.