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This is the external version of that modem? They have drivers for XP. This Dynalink modem is easily installable, with support for the Serial RS interface, so you can connect it to your machine and begin using it in a flash. Also Modem has very short cable. The correct drivers are available on the Dynalink website I linked you to, so you don’t need to get another modem. Also with these external modems can you hear the dialling?. A proper serial modem should “just work”.

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Perhaps I would be better to buy a new D-Link you mention. I bought this on TradeMe so no manual etc. You can configure all of its settings using your personal computer since this modem has Mac hardware drivers.

Thanks for you help. Should be no problems at all. Jodem, it would be nicer if the internal one was disabled, or, even better, physically removed. The problem has usually been with IRQ conflict. As the Dynalink VVQE features dial-up compatibility, you can link to your current Internet service provider using a standard telephone line.

About this product Product Information This Dynalink modem is durable, convenient, and a good choice for linking with your Internet service provider whenever you want. Best Selling in Modem Cards See all. They were very reliable and good quality. This modem boasts plug-and-play installation and can be used with multiple computers, thanks ,ink its dna external enclosure. Any “driver” is likely to just contain information to help Windows set Windows up for the local telephone system.


At present I am using an internal win modem.

Dial-Up Modems 56 Kbps Max. I later changed to buying D-Link as they were cheaper and also reliable.

Dynalink 1456vqh-r3 56k PCI Internal Modem Card

A proper serial modem should “just work”. They have drivers for XP.

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Dynalink V1456VQE 56 Kbps

Thanks to you all for helpful advice. If it is, then it must be one of these two models: Moreover, the Dynalink VVQE is quite fast, with a 56 Kbps data transmission speed, enabling you to download a data file, document, or video without waiting a long time. Thats a very good reliable modem, I used to buy them by the box of at a time.

What do I have to do with that before trying to install the External Modem?.

I have heard all the jokes about wire stretchers etc Thanks. But only one modem will be active, so there shouldn’t be any problem.


The inbuilt XP drivers for an RS serial external modem probably work fine, but from memory they tended to run at only XP should automatically install this as an Lknk You shouldn’t need any drivers I use one in customers homes to test connections and XP has never failed to install it yet Dyma.

But the problem occurs when both devices are active. Because the Dynalink VVQE has an on-board speakerphone, you can reap the benefits of hands-free communications at home or in the office.

Dynalink vqh-r3 56k PCI Internal Modem Card | eBay

This item doesn’t belong on this page. 56o the manual while you are at it as already mentioned. For example, a serial mouse and an internal modem sharing an IRQ leads to tears and bad language very quickly.

You will realise from my dumb questions that I haven’t had an external modem before.