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I t is so ooo slow. As Chris says above, this camera is practically useless in lowlight. If it didn’t eat so many batteries it would be worth it, but it does so it isn’t. Could anyone please tell how and where I have to go. And it takes great outdoor pics, but take some inside and then your batteries are dead within no time.

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I am very satisfied with it and dont understand all the other comments on this page. Either the driver is bad or the camera is.

Digital Concepts

Gadgets by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, I’m never buying another Digital Concepts creation again. The camera is crap. Why don’t you act like you know something about life- yeah, and get back to me in about 20 years. Jan 3rd, at 9: My son got this camera for christmas, because he will be taking a class on digital photography. Wed, 09 Dec The photos turn out very dark although the room is well lighted. Sure, it’s a crappy camera.


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Lens System Lens Aperture. I just bought that little Keychain Digital Concepts Sarkar.

It is a shame that these kinda companies get away with selling this kind of junk to people that work hard for their money.

The cameras simply will not load photos onto your computer without the software that comes with it.

After 2 years its automatic to unlatch the battery door and slide the camera in the bag. Randy Sat, 06 Jan Just gave my two kids each one of these pieces of shit for Christmas. Jessicah Wed, 03 Jan digitwl Good luck people and angry teenagers, be gentle on the parents. Cripes I did not inquire about a digital throway, 1st if battery is dead ,simply replace them.

Wed, 23 May Exposure Parameters Exposure Modes. I also tryed to connect the camera with the crd in it, and it never recognised the camera, or the card.

Could anyone please tell how and where I have to go. As Chris says above, this camera is practically useless in lowlight. One of the top names in phone camera lenses now has options for those who shoot a little or a lot. Aimee Fri, 02 Mar Confepts checked the comments online and was convinced that it was useless.


I was hoping to find a solution for that on here. Rick Fri, 28 Sep But I do have to say that what I paid I recieved what I paid for.


I just bought this conncepts and so far I have had no problems. It’s a cheap camera, so it may take a little effort. And why should we have to install it?