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If so, please share. Of course since this is an ink jet the photos are not water proof. You need to look for a switch or button that gets pressed down when the lid is closed. The button on the bottom of this area is used to turn on and off the printer. In addition to waisting ink when you put in the photo colors what are you suppose to do with the partially used black cartridge?

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By default the Dell Photo All-In-One Printer ships with one tricolor cyan, yellow, magenta cartridge and one black cartridge. I will have to pginter mail all this crap to them. The PictBridge handles all the standard functionality. If that gets the printer working then you need to find a way to keep that button down, like tape or something.


So you will have to explain in a little more detail printrr you are doing and where the problem is occurring. Make sure you read the entire thread so you can see where others got stuck. I know a lot of Dell cartridges have little computer chips on them printter tell the printer if it is authentic. What happens when you open the attachment before it is sent? Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Color documents seem to be where the printer does its best.


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My Photo will not print. While the printer has the ability to send faxes, there is no built-in fax modem. Does anyone know if the scanner is lit by LEDs or by a fluorescent tube?

A pen fell out!!!! Being that I acquired mine from the relatives of a deceased neighbor, I had this same problem. Dell was nice enough to send me a Bluetooth adapter to use in my testing. Sell a product that is not in need of constant tech support and repair!!! Thank you so much! My exact problem too! The print time for an 8-by page full of text it w5300 took about 10 seconds. Found one that someone was throwing out; even came with a USB cable!

Black and White Chart. Setting up the printer is really easy.

Once you have filled in all the bubbles, you then place the sheet on the scanner and choose the option to scan the proof sheet. You will probably never use all the colors in a cartridge equally and because of this when you run out of one color you have to replace the other colors even if they are not empty.

Scanning can be started from either the printer or the computer. I then took out the black cartridge and put in the photo cartridge and printed the picture again with 6 colors.


I have always questioned why a printer would use multicolor cartridges rather then separate cartridges for each color. Instead, it must be a printer, scanner, and something else.

I ran a few tests and found that copying color, and black and white, took about the same amount of time. Sorry, my earlier post was meant for Cassady and Kay.

Prknt printer is very frustrating indeed. After that turn back on the computer and double check that ALL the software from dell is gone, the printer should not show up in your printers list.

How to print configuration pages: Dell W Laser Printer config page

Anyone ever had this problem. How do I use the photo cartridge? The above pictures, that I used to compare the print quality, were also scanned using this scanner.

For a scanner that is fine because you will mainly use it for scanning photos and an occasional document.