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I pay for down and definitely wasn’t getting that. I went from a 2mbps download speed to over 17mbps. I pay for the Extreme package via Time Warner. This is America ‘yo” internet speed is like your parents Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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The Comcast tech advised that my Motorola SB was at the “end of life” and that I should upgrade. Had it for over morem month now and have not had any issues.

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Now my modem and router are on the 3rd floor and I work on the second floor. Once your new SB is provisioned mldem working, go to your web browser and type This is a better modem with solid WiFi that will quickly pay for itself.

Power on the modem making sure you have already connected the coaxial destell as well. As I didn’t want to spend the money for a Nighthawk wi fi modem router, I chose this one instead,as it is the version that was replaced by the Nighthawk.

Wireless setup for Westell | CenturyLink Internet Help

Since I pay automatically, this was nonsensical. So, I purchased this puppy. When you hook up the modem connect the coax cable, connect the ethernet cable, and plug it in, that’s itand then try wedtell get online, it will direct you to a Comcast self-activation screen no other site is available.


The previous owner’s information was still listed for the modem.

I pay for the Extreme package via Time Warner. No hassle at all-I hardwired 2 computers with Cat 5 cables and wi fi’ed the rest of the house. Remove your current cable modem. I jodem from home so it gets a lot of use and in IT security. It was time to start trimming my Time Warner Cable bill. I figured that out after unknowingly renting one from century link for 8 years.

It probably took me minutes to get everything finalized. Upgraded from the SB They helped me put in the correct identification some gibberish code that only they would know – problem solved! Then I was redirected to the ‘install your purchased modem’ page in my web browser.

Configure WiFi on the Westell modem | CenturyLink Internet Help

I was paying for Cox Ultimate Mbps service but only getting downloads of about Mbps. This modem is capable of 32 channels, but Cox currently offers a max of 24 channels. So I called Comcast and they said After installing this and getting wfstell activated, my download speeds are averaging over megs down – that’s both wirelessly and hard-wired. Once they have provisioned it, make sure that the service code on your account matches the speed that you are paying for. I’ve been dragging my foot and being lazy and paying the centurrytel corporation by “renting” the standard modem for a few bucks a month.


Finally, no more dead zones in the house.

My new speed tests on the 3rd floor next to the router is about westsll to 80 down Now I get the full 25 mega-bits. Just the same as centurylink provided. When the globe stays It has better range than previous modem. The setup is simple. This is America ‘yo” internet speed is like centuryte parents First off, I’d like to say that this product was very easy to set up. Yeah, it has a cheap price tag, but this little baby packs a punch.