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Table Of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Safety Information i Safety During Operation i Examples of Indications i Important Information iv How to Read This Manual vi 1. If paper scraps and dust accumulate in the vicinity of the printing section of the En- dorser, printing quality will be adversely affected. Ngenuity DC 70ppm Color Duplex 12×40″. Don’t show me this message again. Difficult To Detect Sizes 3. Cleaning The Endorser 5. Error Indicators And Solutions 5.

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If this option is used, the following image processing features become possible: Appendices Maintenance 33 Cleaning the Scanner 33 Cleaning the Contact Glass, Slit Glass, White Sheet, and Platen 34 Cleaning the Feed Roller and Drum 34 Cleaning the White Roller Duplex Model Only 36 Moving the Scanner 38 Carrying the Scanner a Short Distance 39 Shipping the Scanner Setting Originals An original that is highly transparent, such as transparencies or tracing paper An original 200d has markedly curled edges, such as shown below 5mm 0.

Page 3 Safety Information Warnings Only connect the machine to the power source described on the inside front cover of this vb.

Bowe Bell Howell FB Series 2000D Flatbed Scanner

When overlapping areas are set, the area that was set last takes priority. Connecting the Power Cable Connecting the Power Cable This section explains how to connect the power cable to the scanner. Unchecking this box will not hide scanners that can accept imprinter units. Dynamic Threshold This function automatically determines a suitable threshold value hoqell the basis of the brightness of the original, and converts the scanned image to binary data.


Limitation When using double-sided scanning, if the leading edge of the reverse side of the document is dark, the scanned image may appear whitish.

Section Area multi-area Settings 6. Select a suitable gamma curve for the original that is to be scanned and the output device.


Hoeell text from picture: After confirming the nature of the error, take the appropriate action. A fire or an electric shock might occur. What is the standard lead time for parts that are on back order? Do not place heavy objects on it, pull it hard or bend it more than necessary. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the machine. Operating the D FB couldn’t be simpler. Setting up the Scanner This chapter explains the preparations that are necessary in order to use the scanner.

I lost fbb CD that can with my scanner.

If a high value is set for the brightness, the image will become brighter overall. Can you provide them? Paper handling is equally impressive.

In addition to fast speeds, Ngenuity features smart paper handling and large feeder tray capacity to improve efficiency and ensure that you spend less time hassling with document more Ignoring this warning could cause serious injury or even death. It delivers 65 ppm in simplex mode, and up to 98 bowell in duplex mode. Functions Brightness The brightness can bowell adjusted to levels. However, different models of output devices have different characteristics. Error Indicators And Solutions 5.


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Noise removal This filter used to eliminate 200d unnecessary small dots that appear when scanning an original that is the result of several generations of photocopying. Make sure the wall outlet is near the machine and easily accessible so that in event of an emergency it can be By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Error When the scanner is in a normal operating state, the indicators will light in one of the combina- tions shown below. VRS enables users to crop, control contrast, and adjust alignment and more Trying to lift the scanner even though it is too heavy for you, or handling the scanner carelessly and dropping it can brll in injury.

Gray Scale Scanning 6. All other trademarks are.