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I don’t have to swing as hard to get the ball the correct distance and my ball flight is better. Mizuno JPX irons are my current set. I played Ping Eye 2 irons for years. No other words to say it , but Adam’s again great product. Excellent irons that are solid and straight. I swear I am at least 5 shots better with the new Adams, and probably closer to shots better. Weak part of my game is irons.

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When I was searching for a new set adqms irons to buy as a casual golfer, I determined I needed to get a set of game improvement clubs and hopefully find them at a cost that wouldn’t break the bank. I like having hybrids and transition irons that all match rather than irons and hybrids which might be different or have different shafts. I would definitely do business with this vendor again All were good irons. Cart strap and trunk handles make for easy toting from trunk to cart.

Adams Idea a7OS Hybrid Graphite Iron Set

Purchased this set of irons a few weeks ago, tried them out on the range idsa, and played the first round with them today. Patented low profile clubface lowers the center of gravity for extremely easy-to-hit shots with amazing accuracy. A few holes later, I did the same with the 4 hybrid. Looking for a set of game improvement clubs?


I got very lucky to get a deal from my friend and a great set of clubs. Trajectory is nice and high, but not so high that you can take a drink and wait for it to land.

Skip to main content. While you are at it, pick up a sand wedge as well – it makes sand shots too easy! This set is definitely the way to go. They work well from any type of lie, bare to fluffy.

In the unlikely event that values do not appear for a golf club in The PGA Value Guide, a minimum quantity of transactions for the specific golf club model may not have occurred within The PGA Value Guide’s analysis window. I quit playing golf for almost 10 years because my family was young, and I spent time with them.

Even for somebody who hits their long irons well, as I did, I recommend these particular Adams a7 OS hybrids. The grip is nice and comfortable, head weight is just right lighter than my XL, and much easy to hit and far. The only complaint is that the stiff shaft seems to be not as stiff as other graphite shafts I have hit in the past. Compared to a7so normal iron set, the Adams clubs go further and straighter.

Goes too far for me to say addams is a 3I equivalent in my bag.

Now that I am used to the club it goes dead straight. I would highly reccomend these clubs to anyone, but especially to an intermediate player looking to make that next step, and maybe slightly older players that need a little something extra to maintain or improve their game Read zdams review Why is this review inappropriate?


Reviews: Adams Golf Idea a7OS Iron Set Golf Club | eBay

Overall I love the feel and forgiveness in this club. And iddea other slight negative is that the ball doesn’t hold greens as well when I hit into them with the new clubs, especially with he 3H to 5H.

I am 50 years old and most of the guys I play golf with are 3 to 10 years younger than me, and I consistently outdrive them now. I bought a used set of Adams A70S from a friend of mine. That’s why I bid on, and won, the Adams a7OS 4 and 5 hybrids. Contact Us info intheholegolf. I do want to find a graphite shafted lofted club that will let me spin the ball.

Both are the hybrid type, but when grounded in position they look like a normal iron without any bulge sticking out. Problem is the grip is way to small for the average man. Quit golf for 10 years and they revived my game.