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Propane has a very high octane rating, so you can advance your timing without detonation. Teach a man to hunt Blacktail, he’ll be frustrated for life! Also it looks like the 22re was last built in the 4×4 in 94 is that correct? I plan on having the heads machined to raise compression to take advantage of the higher octane, Iplan on running straight propane not duel fuel. Apr Member Location:

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Quote message in reply? DroopynutMay 11, Jun Member Location: Thanks for the pics. I ran the engine up to rpm calculated crank numbers 8 psi – hp 15 psi – hp 26 psi – hp almost, blew engine just before.

propane daily driver

Hardcore rockcrawlers are using on average 3 gallons LESS of fuel per rpopane I was thinking 8 to 10 lbs. Jeep mileage seems to be around 13mpg.

Additionally, this position manages the daily office functions of our commercial propane salesdelivery operation. Toyota 22r propane kits our conversion kits are specially designed for carbureted toyota 22r truck motors, and are designed for simple installation using your existing carburetor throttle plates.

A lot of gas stations that fill tanks vaily your grill or fishhouse say they cant fill my type of tank anymore.

May 10, Check us out on Facebook To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. One dally that I’ve noticed is that LPG prices arent consistant. Give a man venison, he’ll eat for a day.


Apr 26, daioy, I did run it as my daily driver, and propane was and still is on average more than a dollar cheaper here, but that truck has become a designated trailer rig and I am back to running a 22re 4runner as the dd. Rock crawling or in your daily driver, yota1 has you covered submit your engine or transmission request to competing sellers. A reminder that your email ptopane on your account must be valid and working to receive the reset request.

If your account does not go through, do not create a new one, contact staff for help via the 22 Us” page. I think, most of you guy’s see propane for its performance capabilities. Propane will cost more at smaller filling stations because they are used to filling bbq grill bottles.

If youve got a mildly built motor or daily driver, the is the way to go for torque, lowend power, and fuel economy. Any help is appreciated, sorry to hijack the thread, but its been dead for a while so I figured no one would mind. Please click one of the Quick Reply xaily in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. Diesels have a unique sound for a few different reasons, but a loud clacky diesel is usually because of where the fuel is injected or something, not because of the fuel type used.


My 22r runs and drives much better on propane The Volvo turbo I have one from you guyswhat is a good amount of boost for a regular high compression junkyard motor.

SamuelEngelking on Apr 23, The road prpoane opened in all directions late friday afternoon.

22re to 22r to propane for a DD – TTORA Forum

Does anyone run propane on their daily driver as well as their trail truck. I could save a ton of money I sent emails all week and they dont respond. I have given serious thought to installing an RV tank but then I would have to trailer my trail only rig to fill it up then, theres the weekend problem again propanf thats a lot of weight above the axles.

If you got a motorfuel tank like the ones seen on goverment SUV’sgo with at least as many gallons as your stock tank.